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Code of Ethics



1. Each member of the club will maintain accurate, complete and up to date records in accordance with AKC Rules and Regulations.
2. Each member shall seek to do selective breeding with the intent of enhancing the soundness and improving the quality of their stock. No member will intentionally cross breed.
3. When owning a brood bitch, members will not breed her before she reaches eighteen (18) months of age or three seasons and then only breed if she is sufficiently mature and in excellent health; nor allow a bitch to whelp more than two (2) litters in three consecutive seasons; nor allow a bitch to carry to term and rear more than six (6) litters in her lifetime or before the age of eight (8) years, whichever comes first.
4. No member shall knowingly sell or supply Cavaliers for auctions, raffles, pet shops, pet shop wholesale brokers, or other such enterprises, nor to an individual known to sell to pet shops or wholesalers. No member shall sell puppies in litter lots nor broker puppies themselves.
5. Puppies not sold as a show/breeding prospect shall be sold or placed with a spay/neuter agreement or with a limited registration. This concept shall be relayed to any person using a member's stud dog.
6. No member shall knowingly sell or supply a stud service to a pet shop or wholesaler or to a person known to sell to pet shops or wholesalers.
7. No puppy should be released to a new home prior to eight (8) weeks of age and without proper inoculations relative to age, including dates and type given.
8. No member shall speak or write dishonorably nor deliberately seek to impair the reputation or character of another member.
9. All members are strongly encouraged to have heart, eye, hip and patella health clearances prior to breeding any bitch or dog.
10. No member shall advertise puppies/dogs for sale in newspapers or internet classified sites.

Violation of any portion of this code may result in discipline as prescribed in Article VI of the Bylaws of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of North Texas.

The foregoing Code of Ethics have been received and reviewed. I understand the terms and conditions set forth therein and by signing below, agree to abide by all of the above.

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